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Fibre Optic Cables

Fibre Optic Cables

Metal Free Duct Cable

Metal free duct cables are available in two basic variants namely Single tube construction and Multi tube construction.

Single tube duct cables (SL Series) are small in diameter (6 to 8 mm) and lightweight, utilizing duct space more efficiently. These cables tolerate smaller bending radii for easy installation.

These cables are made up of a single loose tube containing up to 24 individually coloured fibres. The fibre packing density is increased to make more effective use of the expensive cabling materials. These cables are suitable for most duct applications, both long haul and for LAN backbone in the industrial environments.

Both cable constructions, Single and Multi tube constructions, rely on tensile strength provided by aramid yarn, enabling the cable to withstand substantial tensile forces during installation.

The fibres are free to move in the gel filled tubes, and can therefore remain relatively stress free while the cable contracts and expands with temperature differences.

The tough water resistant sheath and the water blocking compound ensures its suitability for the duct environment.

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Metal Free Self Supporting Aerial Cable

These are loose tube self-supporting aerial (ADSS) cables, designed for installation on aerial routes with 70, 250 and 500 metre spans.

Short Span Aerial cable is designed to be installed on pole routes with 70 metre spans, and are suitable for a multitude of self-supporting applications.

Medium span aerial cable has specifically been designed for aerial self-supporting applications on pole routes or High Voltage towers with span lengths up to 250 meters.

Long span aerial cable has been specifically designed for aerial self supporting applications on High Voltage towers with span lengths up to 500 meters.

The loose tubes contains up to 8 individually coloured fibres, dependent on the cable size. Additional identification is obtained by colouring the tubes by reference marker scheme.

Medium Span Arial Fibre Optic Cable

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Short Span Arial Fibre Optic Cable

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Steel armored cable

Corrugated steel tape armoring offers additional mechanical strength to Single and Multi tube duct cables, making it suitable for installation in a variety of environments.

The plastic clad steel tape is overlapped, essentially forming a metal lined plastic pipe over the cable core, which provides an excellent moisture and chemical barrier.

Damage due to lightning strikes in the vicinity of buried cables are eliminated, as the coated tape provides an open circuit at the overlap, eliminating a circumferential path for induced current.

Corrugated steel tapes are widely recognized for their ability to resist rodent attack, the polymer coated tape is corrosion resistant and prevents corrosion spread, even after sheath damage.

The tape is applied longitudinally, so the torsional stress normally associated with steel wire armored cable is eliminated, which prevents cable spiraling, twisting and kinking during installation.

The steel tape armor is bonded to the sheath, which has the effect of distributing any mechanical stresses uniformly throughout the cable, resulting in improvements to bend, crush, puncture, and kink resistance when compared with conventional armoring techniques, particularly for cables smaller than 25 mm.

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Mineshaft cable

Mineshaft cable has been specifically designed for installations in the mining environment, and therefore particular attention has been given to long vertical drops, high impact resistance, and safety requirements.

The combination of steel tape and steel wire is a proven concept for obtaining the maximum impact resistance. The same armoured combination will also ensure, via the longitudinally applied steel tape, that the torsional stress normally associated with steel wire armoured cable is eliminated, yet maintaining the high tensile strength obtained form steel wires.
br>The Low Smoke Zero Halogen, fire retardant, non-toxic, triple sheath design ensures maximum safety for a restricted area cabling system.

These cables are suitable for direct burial, and will in fact provide the fibres with the necessary protection for almost any robust installation associated with heavy industry.

All the other advantages such as chemical resistance, lightning resistance and rodent resistance outlined in the steel tape armoured data sheet, will also apply to this cable range.

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Patch cord cable

These are Ruggedised, tight buffered cables, specifically designed for pigtails and patch cord assemblies, but are also ideal for indoor distribution in trunking and risers.

Buffer diameter is 900 micro metre for multimode fibre and 850 micro metre for single mode fibre.

The cables are available in either flame retardant PVC or Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH), fire retardant, non toxic sheaths to comply with the strictest building regulations.

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